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Comox Valley Acne treatment

Blue Light Acne Treatments does not involve the ingestion of any medications. It is simply a therapy as it name suggests that uses light. Blu U is a special blue light that can kill the P. Acne bacteria on your skin. The treatment regime is simple and easy. Simply sit under the blue light for 15-30 min once or twice per week as determined for you. Treatment may last up to five weeks as the acne clears up. The Blu U treatment for mild to moderate acne vulgaris is an safe, effective, non-invasive, and pain free way to deal with the acne.

For clients with cystic or pustular acne we offer a treatment that combines Levulan (topical solution) and Blue Light Therapy. The treatment is very simular to the acne treatment. Levulan Topical Solution is applied to the Acne Bacteria. The Acne Bacteria then absorbs the Levulan Topical Solution which makes the bacteria sensitive to light. When the Acne Bacteria is exposed to the BLU-U Blue Light, the bacteria starts to break down and eventually is destroyed, leaving your face silky smooth!

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